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The decision

After the last post I made some more tests and researched my options even more. The emails and the comments helped me to decide which way to choose, the Native or the DSP. I really appreciate both comments and the 28 emails I’ve received recommending me different options, alternative plugins and very useful advises.

If I want to look at numbers 99% of the voters chose the Native path and only 1% recommended the UAD route. Everybody clearly expressed the pros and cons of both routes and now I really know my options very well. I know it looks too slow to make this decision, but this is very important for me and it is not a simple thing as this investment is made for many years not for a few days.

Native all the way

So, as you might guessed, the Native route won hands down. I leaned toward that path as it seemed more versatile and future proof, but your suggestions confirmed my findings. This is clearly the best route to go in my opinion too.

In the first run here’s what I already got:

  • Avid Pro Tools 11HD (upgrade from PT10HD) – not a plugin, but I love it
  • Avid ProLimiter
  • Audioease Speakerphone
  • Exponential Audio R2

A few others will come, but right now I’m very happy with this decision and want to thank you all who sent me an email or left a comment here on the blog.