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Upgrade done

Yesterday I finished the my plugin purchase/upgrade plan. Few weeks ago I was contemplating which way to go, UAD or Native but after careful research and many helpful emails and comments, the Native path won hands down.

Now I have all the new plugins installed on my machine and all the licenses on my iLok. Let’s see the arsenal:

Avid ProLimiter

I saw some reviews then tried the plugin and it is a good true peak limiter which is not so hard on cpu and as an added bonus it has loudness metering built in, which is very, very helpful. At first I thought it wouldn’t be sufficient as it is too small, but honestly it turned out that the size is just perfect. Doesn’t eat up much screen space but you can still precisely check your mix with it, even with the AudioSuite version I can offline check my mixes.

Avid prolimiter

AudioEase Speakerphone

I just simply love this plugin. For sound design and for mixing too. Right now I have two gripes with it though. One is that it can be a little unreliable with automation, the workaround is to use snapshots instead of selective parameter automation. It’s a workaround, but still, I hope they will correct this. The other is it isn’t AAX ready yet. I read the news that they are almost ready with Altiverb and Speakerphone will be ready soon. I’m waiting for that as I would like to use Pro Tools 11 full time soon. Still have many sessions in 10 for obvious reasons.
It’s a highly sophisticated plugin that can be used from a single futz through a good reverb to a serious sound design tool and anything in between. Probably I’ll write about it later, yes, I love it that much! 🙂


McDSP ML4000

It’s an amazing multi-band compressor/gate/expander with a mastering limiter built-in. I know this one for a long time, it’s a very useful tool, that’s why I bought it. Why not the new release from Colin? I’m sure that’s a great plugin, but in post production the most important thing is reliability and dependability. As I know this tool quite well, I chose this one. Maybe later I’ll buy the new one too, but right now I don’t have enough time to test it. So, for now, reliable solution won.


Izotope RX

It is really a piece of software which is a must have. It already saved my ass so many times you wouldn’t believe. I use it in stand-alone mode as well as a plugin. As I purchased it (for my personal collection) only a few days ago, I think (hope) that I am eligible for the upcoming RX3 free upgrade. Why not the advanced version already? Well, because competition is strong. We have a few exceptional plugin company who produce noise reduction and de-reverb plugins and honestly first I want to test the new RX3 against the competition. Only after the proper testing I will decide if I need the advanced or need something else. Still, the “simple” RX is a very fine piece of software/plugin.

izotope rx2

Exponential Audio R2

The last in the this list, but for me, the discovery of this year. I’ve been looking for an exceptional reverb for a long time, but always had some problem with the others. Then I heard about Exponential Audio and downloaded the demo of this beauty. After a very short test period I knew I have to buy this reverb. More on this later.

The Shop

First, I am not affiliated with any company who make/sell/re-sell plugins. But I have a friendly suggestion for you. Go the PluginDiscounts and buy most of the plugins there. You get much better prices and the support is top notch. They are fast, friendly, reply emails as soon as they can, and really help you in any possible way. I bought almost each and every of my plugins from them.

One last note: no matter who says, who recommends, first download the demos and try it yourself. Do not buy anything without actually test it.