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Pro Tools 11 gems part 4

I hope you don’t mind, but it’s still about metering, though not the usual one. When I first read about the new gain reduction meter in Pro Tools 11, frankly I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal at all. Well, I was wrong.

gain reduction meter

Visual feedback is good for us

On a nice sunny day I started to mix a big concert show so I decided it is a perfect occasion to try the new gain reduction meter. Switched it on and honestly I didn’t really cared about it. At least I thought that. After a few hours I was constantly realised that I unconsciously check the gain reduction meter on channels, on groups, almost every time. When I really started to pay attention, it tuned out that I also check and sometimes revise things, almost because of this metering.

Of course one should always use the most delicate sensors to mix, but getting constant visual feedback is very nice and helpful indeed.

If you switch it on and use it, soon you’ll get used to it so you actually feel the need. Now I always leave it there to see what is happening gain reduction wise. Again, this is not a ground breaking feature, but a very nice and helpful add-on.
To switch it on, simply right click on any channel meter, scroll down and choose show gain reduction meter. Additionally you can select various methods, so you can even tweak the gain reduction meter.

grm options