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Pro Tools 11 gems part 5

Didn’t get enough metering yet? Here’s some more for us. The new send view which can show the send levels.

send meters

Fallen in love with it from the first moment. I’ve read negative things about it as it is not accurate, meaningless, or even disturbing. But let me tell you that these opinions couldn’t be further from the truth. They are not accurate meters I agree, but one should realise that the purpose is not the same as with any highly accurate sophisticated metering plugin.

Use the help your DAW offer

Well, I tend to mix many sessions that are well over a hundred tracks for example, and for me this is a great help to not only see that I have send on a particular channel, but to see a good approximate about the level too. Especially on bigger mixes it can be a spectacular guide for the mixer’s eye.

It’s really quite interesting that although these meters are very tiny, they still provide ample information about my sends. Obviously you cannot depend on them completely, but that’s not the point.

Together with the gain reduction meter these two small add-ons are here to help us to more clearly see what’s going on in our sessions. And on a final note, I promise this was the last Pro Tools 11 metering praise post.