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Plugins I still miss from Pro Tools 11

With the big change to AAX we all knew that it would take time to convert/recode our favourite plugins to the new format. Some company could do this so fast that we almost didn’t have to wait, others are still trying to catch up. Sadly even Avid is in the catch up team. I know they have enough on their plates, but still there are plugins they should release in AAX.


For me the most important would be TL Space. Although I love Altiverb, for my personal rig I cannot justify the high price of it, and frankly with my IR library I’m pretty much covered. It somewhat surprises me that it take so long Avid to port it. In my opinion Avid should’ve shown a good example to plugin companies. With that I mean they should’ve released almost all their plugins when Pro Tools 11 was released, or at least only a month after that. And now, here we are in 2014, and they are still not ready with some of their very popular plugins.



As far as I know he’s almost ready with the AAX transition. I own many of his plugs and really looking forward to use them in Pro Tools 11. I realise that Massey plugins is a very tiny company so I understand that it take considerable time to port everything, still very eager to get them as soon as I can.



Speakerphone. I would love to use it in PT11. Frankly I’m a bit disappointed. They make amazing plugins. These plugins are very expensive ones, so in my opinion users deserve a much more straight and honest communication. I understand that they don’t want to promise things they cannot keep, but after many many months a simple: “I hope it will be soon…” is not enough. I already know many fellow engineers who simply decided to search for other tools, and would never buy a thing again from them.

This is my short list. I think we almost have everything we need to completely abandon the older versions of Pro Tools. I do almost everything in PT11 now. We need a few more plugins and a few more bugs to be ironed out, and then I will happily say that I’m completely on PT11. Hope it won’t take too long from now.

I know about some nasty bugs that need to be ironed out in PT11, still, I can see huge potential in it.


  1. Marco Bernardo

    Check your iLok License manager.
    Look to your TL Space asset, iLok change the name for only Space and the Publisher Name as changed to Avid TLL Products.
    Avid is might preparing a surprise.
    Let’s wait.


  2. Thanks. I really hope, they’re up to something… can’t wait to use everything in PT11. 🙂

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