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Update day

Today is a big day. In our facilities, all the MAM (media asset management) systems, all the video editor stations are getting a full software upgrade. So I decided that I use this time to update one of the Pro Tools rigs to the latest greatest in every possible way.

Starting with the operating system, updating to 10.9.1 and even checking every software if it’s up-to-date or not. After this, I’m going to log into my Avid account, download Pro Tools 11.1.2 and bravely update. Always a nice surprise to see that lately the installers are getting smaller and on the Mac, they became simple drag and drop installers instead of the old style ask a million questions during the install process.

The last step is to check the plugins. As I’m quite lazy, I use the Pluginupdate app to check all my plugins, so with a simple scan I’ll know what need update. I really hope that in the near future we’ll have a great solution that could automatically update all the plugins we have. With automatically I mean with a push of a button, not complete automatic software update style as I never use those things. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient? It would take only three steps. Scan, hit update and wait until all your plugins receive the latest upgrades.

Here in Hungary it’s 11 a.m. As soon as I’ll be ready with all the updates and managed to run a few tests, I’m going to update this post. I hope everything is going to be absolutely fine. Stay tuned…


Everything went fine during the update process. Now all the software, including the operating system and Pro Tools, has been updated to the latest versions. Each and every plugin has been updated too.

Only had time for a very brief test, everything seems to be fine, sessions open perfectly, Pro Tools 11 is snappy, haven’t found any serious issues. So far so good, if anything turns up, I’ll post it immediately.


  1. So you finally took the plunge !!!
    I have to stay on PT 10…. Control 24 …. But still no mavericks support for 10 …. Pretty bleak !!!

  2. Yes, I just decided it’s time to do it. Only a few plugins are missing, but all supposed to be released soon, and frankly PT11 has been very stable for me.

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