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Sound inspiration for the weekend

I very rarely share or recommend various things from the internet, but as I had a bit of time to plough through the RSS feeds and podcasts I’ve found a few very noteworthy ones that I would like to share with you. Involves a bit of listening, but the result is great knowledge.

The Tonebenders podcast

If you haven’t already, I really suggest to subscribe to this podcast. Covers many areas from sound design through editing to mixing and anything in between. The latest episode is very interesting, it’s about circuit bending. Go listen to it, it’s very interesting from sound perspective.

You can listen to their podcasts through iTunes, but also the episodes are downloadable files too and as an option, it is also possible to play them directly at their website.



Pro Tools Expert podcast

I just love their podcasts. Beside that it is very informative I always try to make time for it because the guys are also very entertaining. And I really appreciate the fact that not everything is game-changer for them. The essence of their show is that they’re representing very different areas of our industry so besides you can hear different tips, they constantly solve mysterious user problems and discuss various plugins and hardware. Their latest episode is the 114th one is just as good and funny as the others.

ptexpert podcast


Post production advice

There’s been discussions going on on various forums about if you have to, or mustn’t dip your M&E. Both methods have their supporters but now Mike Thornton and Mike Aiton did a spectacular job describing what and how to do with your M&Es. Even better they produced a long video which is very clearly and eloquently teach us everything about this method. Personally I recommend to watch this even if you’re in the other camp.

I really appreciate these kinds of deep knowledge videos. Here’s the link for the article which includes the video as well.


Have a nice weekend!