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iLok ZDT coverage

Few days ago I’ve received an email from iLok telling me that my Zero
Downtime Coverage was going to be renewed unless I opt out of it. Few
minutes after I read the mail, browsed to their site, logged in and
checked if my card details are right so they can charge me the 30

I know many hate iLok and even see this ZDT thing as just another
trick to get more money from us, the users. However I see this a bit
different. I wouldn’t say that this is the perfect protection system
ever invented, but as I do quite a few freelance job, I really
heavily rely on their service.
Usually I know what machine the other studio has, and the only thing
I need to bring with me is some installers (or I can download them
there) and my iLok and after a few minutes I’m ready to edit or mix
with my favourite plugins. Convenient, fast and in my experience,
it’s very, very reliable.


Because of these experiences I think the Zero Downtime Coverage is a
no-brainer for 30 dollars a year. Even if something bad happen,
you’ll receive temporary licenses so you’ll be able to continue to
work, and additionally this fee also includes the theft and loss
coverage, which means you’re safe even if someone steal your precious
iLok, or you just simply loose it.
Without any deep and overly serious explanation I recommend everyone
to purchase this protection. Thirty dollars a year is not a big price
for our own safety. I bet every mixer’s iLok hold plugins worth many
thousand dollars. Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Pace, nor get
any money or discount for this post. I’m just a guy who have seen
nasty disasters in the past, and heard many sentences started with
“oh I should’ve…” Avoid this if you can. If you would like to know more about ZDT, click here.