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On the road with a MacBook Pro #3

Even when you’re on the road, it is pointless to always use the mouse or touchpad for every task. But of course on a laptop, screen real-estate is scarce, so you contsantly have to open and more importantly close windows.

Close Window

If you always use the touchpad or a mouse for this, honestly it drives you mad after a short editing session. Use the keyboard instead

Close window: cmd+w

Fine you can close Pro Tools windows, but don’t stop there. When I’m in the midst of a editing session, my screen might look like a complete mess to some. Opened windows all over the screen. I don’t close them until I think I don’t need them in the next few seconds. However this method has a serious drawback. Many times I end up with screen full of different windows, and frankly even I cannot find things. This is the right time to clean the whole area.

To close all floating window at once:


Hide all floating windows: cmd+option+ctrl+w


This one shortcut will clear everything for you.