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Appreciate Thunderbolt connectivity

For me so far, this daisy-chain was only a possibility, a nice thing to know. But today, I need to copy, move and reorganise data across multiple disks and the only thing that keeps me away from the tedious computer tech work is Thunderbolt. Multiple drives chained through each other, and all the drives are there on my desktop.

When I’m ready I can simply eject that particular drive and put it back to its workstation. If I need just another one at the end of the chain, no problem, the system can handle this.

I know there are other solutions to this problem, but as we need many mobile solution with multiple workstations and studios while still maintaining the transfer speed, Thunderbolt seems to be a very elegant solution.


As I’m writing this short post, at least 20 Terabytes of storage is chained together via a single small thing with lightning sign on it. In the next few minutes, besides the data transfer it’s going to spit out HD video.

I know it’s not cheap, I know many don’t really like it, but for me, it’s great.
Today is my Thunderbolt appreciation day.

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  1. Marco Bernardo

    I’m with you.

    Thunderbolt it’s just a breeze for using and transferring real huge data from one place to another. The backup it’s so much faster, and as you said HD video 2k, 4k or even 5K it’s just feels right.
    I’ve add to my OWC Thunderbay IV the softraid 5. I can now have 4 hard drives as one (RAID5), and partitions with a safeguard of one disk fails I don’t loose everything, and the speed it’s just awesome 400 to 500MB/s read/write.
    You can test it for 30 days, and even if you later don’t bought it the RAID work without any problem, but if you need to rebuild or repartition the drives, you need to buy the software.

    I have too a Caldigit T3 with purpose for backup and stuff.
    OWC it’s for working the T3 is for stuff and backup, It’s easy to remove the drive without shutting down the system, and with CCC I have automated tasks to backup each folder for each backup drive.

    The ideal was to have two OWC one for work and the to backup (like a mirror).

    I’ve copied 500GB in 30 minutes.

    Thank you and my best regards,

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