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Notes from a mix session #1

As lately I barely have any time, I decided to share some tiny tips and small experiences which I gathered during my marathon mix sessions. Some of these little posts will be really short ones, a few might look like a normal blog post.

Time management

Use a reminder. This is as simple as it sounds. As during a mix we often face incredibly short deadlines, it might be a good idea to work out a kind of planned schedule and sometimes remind yourself to keep it. For example if you spend way too much time fixing dialogue issues, maybe it’s time to re-record the dialogue (ADR). At the end of the day you might end up with the very same decision but you already lost about half a day. This means you’re behind your own schedule, therefore have less time for the other gazillion things.

To be honest this is the part where I feel I really need some conscious self education. I tend to spend too much time fixing problems which eventually leads to rush later, or overtime for me to find time to do all the necessary things.


I’m still in the research and experiment phase. So far I use 3 different things:

  • first day in the morning I make a list with approximate time schedule, set reminders in my phone to “wake” me up at the end of the planned time
  • make detailed notes in Evernote, set reminders on the phone or on the Mac to keep me on track
  • make a project with tasks in Omnifocus so I have my notes/tasks and reminders in one application


I don’t know what will be the right solution, every method has its merits and drawbacks.


Lots and long mix sessions are great for plugin tests. Right now I’m testing the two new Avid Pro plugins, the ProMultiband and the ProSubHarmonic.

avid prosubharmonic

So far I’m quite impressed with both of it, so much so I plan to buy them. I know there are other alternatives, but again, somehow the developers found the right mixture of features, ease of use and a GUI that really helps you set up the processors fast. Other than these I really love that both have true surround capability and they sound absolutely fabulous.


On the other hand I’ve been trying to implement some stereo enhancers into my template, but so far each and every failed to deliver the result I need. Somehow I don’t feel the true stereo enhancement in them, not to mention the fact that most of them is completely disastrous once you hit the mono button…

Now, back to mixing.