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What to buy…

As the end of the year is nearly here, there’s so much advent calendar price drop and other discounts going on, that the first reaction for an in-the-box guy would be buy most of the stuff so I can have it all just in case. But to be honest, and it might sound stupid to you, I’d rather pay full price for a plugin, but I must test it before the purchase. I know these deals are spectacular, but frankly, we don’t need 300 different EQs and 600 slightly different dynamic processors. So,instead of spending my money, first I made a wish list, which comprise all the plugins I would like to try.

Manipulating the sound field

From mono to 5.1 and everything in between. This means stereo enhancers (which I tend to hate), various M/S processors, and surround up-mixer plugins. While obviously the sound is the most important thing, price is also important. Price can be an issue when we try to choose up-mixer plugins. Those are probably the most expensive plugins on Earth! Of course there’s a reason for that, it’s serious science and aesthetics carefully coded together by highly talented experts.

So, let’s see what I plan to test in a few weeks:

Why these? Because I’have already tested the competitors and these are the ones I’ve read good things about but never had the chance to test them. Early in 2015 it seems that I would need them for some serious sonic voodoo.

If you have any suggestion, please share it with me. Note that the plugin must be AAX Native and/or HDX compatible.