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Test day #2

This is the end of day two. As I feel it, it was even more gruelling, or simply I’m just more tired now. The point is, I made so many tests I can’t even list them. I had a long list which I wanted to test, but during the different tests I came up with new ideas and of course I tried those too, so I’ve spent much more time with these experiments than what was planned.

As I felt that right now my brain is full, my ears are tired, I’m going to make the final decision tomorrow, however I think I already know the answer, but one more sleep over it to be sure.
With all that said, I honestly say this: both Auro and Audiotech Digital did an amazing job creating their up-mixer plugin. These plugins are pure magic.
Although they use different techniques to do their job, both can make your stereo material shine in a 5.1 environment. These two beasts are so magical that many times you cannot even spot the difference between a truly 5.1 mix and the up-mix.

Tomorrow I’ll have a final listening test, only after that I’m going to choose the winner. One more note though: the winner in this case means it’s better for me, because of my needs, it doesn’t mean that the other is inferior in any way. Honestly if I were a rich man… I would buy both.

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