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My Pro Tools wish list for 2015

I’m absolutely not that type who make New Year resolutions, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a list I would like to do. And, of course, there’s absolutely a list I would like to see in the near future in my favourite software. So, here’s my short list:

  1. Multiple marker tracks. With this so I could really organise them, use different ones for DX or SFX, etc. Even if you’re working in music only production it can be immensely useful to have more option here. For example have one to mark the parts of the song, another category for re-takes or mistakes, another one for mix notes and so on. In post production this would be a great feature.
  2. Clip bins. Almost like in Media Composer. Different bins for SFX, MX, DX. This would be also great for all kinds of audio job. Another great opportunity to keep your session organised.
  3. Remove the remaining silly limitations from HD. I’m an HD owner without HD hardware. I can’t use the full solo capability of Pro Tools for example, only if I use it with Avid HD hardware. This is nonsense in my opinion. Every HD owner should have the ability to use Pro Tools HD software freely, without limitations on any hardware available on the market.
  4. Revibe and other plugins efficiency. I truly love Avid’s Pro series plugins. They are spectacular sounding great and efficient tools. I also love and use Revibe which is still one of the best reverbs available in post production. But it is very far from being efficient. It’s not a big deal when I’m on HDX, but as I freelance, in native, it can literally eat up a quad i7 MacBook Pro in seconds. This is not right. I know it’s always on full throttle (working in 5.1) but still, take Exponential audio as a good example. Revibe should be much more efficient. Please Avid, make it more native friendly, just as your other great plugs.
  5. Bugfix, bugfix, bugfix. Seriously. If Avid won’t add many features, but iron out many bugs, I’d be a happy user who happily pay even the subscription fee.

I know there are many other things that should be added to Pro Tools, but this is my very short list, which would make me absolutely happy. So happy that I would gladly pay the new Avid tax-subscription price.


  1. First off, I would like to say that I am a legitimate (paid) user. I purchased my Pro Tools rig 5 years ago, (back when the Pro Tools software came free with the hardware). I paid over $2,500 for my Digi 002 Console which came with Pro Tools 7 and a large bundle of plug-ins.

    That said, the hardware has always worked great, but I have had nothing but problems with the software from day one. Pro Tools is the most UNSTABLE DAW platform in existence and I have spend over 100 hours on the phone with support troubleshooting various problems.

    When it became clear and apparent that Digidesign had no intention of actually fixing the bugs in Pro Tools, they gave me a “courtesy upgrade” to Pro Tools 8. It’s important to understand that by doing this, they basically admitted that their product was crap.

    Now, upgrading Pro Tools is no easy task and it actually left me in a WORSE situation with missing tracks, patches, plug-ins and corrupt files ect… And of course, Pro Tools 8 was plagued with it’s own issues and Avid has since 8 for 9 and then 9 for 10 and so on.

    Now, I have serious issues with the pricing and licensing system of Pro Tools because I feel like I got burned and locked out in the darkness with a defective product that never worked. I want to upgrade, it’s going to cost me a lot of money and I just can’t justify giving Avid another dollar. It would be one thing if the software would just work out of the box perfectly as it’s intended, but how do you justify $700 price tag for buggy software?

    What I like about Apple computers is how well the hardware and software integrate. Apple even stopped charging for Mac OSX and all Mac users automatically get the latest updates for free. This was a brilliant move because it keeps people using Mac and that translates into marketshare. AVID did the COMPLETE OPPOSITE with Pro Tools and decided that they were in the business of selling software. BUGGY software that has plagued me and thousands of users for nearly two decades.

  2. Well, I absolutely understand your point. But believe me, if I had only a fraction of problems with it during the years I wouldn’t use it. For me, and for the companies I work for, Pro Tools is the most stable and reliable software. I deal with Pro Tools, Nuendo, Pyramix and Logic daily, and in my experience Pro Tools is far superior stability wise.
    With all that said, there are a number of issues and long existing bugs which is a shame, and frankly I really don’t like the way Avid deals with things.
    This subscription plan can be a good thing, but the lack of clear communication and information is ridiculous.

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