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Minor problem with one of our S6

Recently we had a tiny issue with one of our S6 surface. After the latest update, it started to behave strange. All the functions worked perfectly, but for some unknown reason, after the boot sequence, the master modules’s fan kept on spinning at the highest speed. When you boot up the surface, it’s natural to hear the fan for a few seconds, but after that, it’s just adjust the fan speed so you can’t really hear that it’s working. But with this unit, the fan kept on working at the highest throttle all day.

Tried multiple re-boots, but that didn’t help. Then I decided to ask about this issue on the DUC. Then Brandonx1 suggested this:

Just log out and log back in. That fixes the fan issue for me

Which is a very good advice, and it seems this solution worked for many who had the very same issue, but it didn’t solve our issue. Next I’ve tried to update the internal modules to see if that solve it. But sadly, that didn’t help either. As a last attempt, I reinstalled update 1.4 and voila, the loud fan problem disappeared. When I started the reinstall process on the master module, the installer offered a repair option. I chose that, and it perfectly solved this tiny problem.

So, if you’re an S6 user and have a problem like this, try these two simple things I wrote, hopefully it will solve your fan problem too.

And by the way, we still don’t have proper softkeys under Nuendo…