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How a birthday party looks like

At least here, in the Palace of Arts Budapest. Well, it looks like chaos from the outside. Lots of things to see and hear, so many concerts and cultural activities that you can hardly select your favourites. Behind the scenes though, all the studios are on full throttle. It’s like a huge festival on steroids. We record almost everything (multitrack) while mixing for live web-stream and internet radio and serving the OB van outside the building. Yes, although we have the largest in-built studio department in the country, during the next two days we’re going to have so many things to record-mix-stream that we need additional OB van to take care some of the occasions.

I thought it would be interesting to know what arsenal we use for this huge marathon. So, in a nutshell, here’s the equipment list:

2 Nuendo with RME audio cards with Artist series controllers
1 Pro Tools HD native with S6 controller
1 Pro Tools HDX2 with S6 controller
2 JoeCo MADI recorders for safety backups
1 Studer Vista 8 console with a Lexicon 960 and a TC system 6000
1 DoTech MADI router for main distribution

This arsenal only for the broadcast-recording part of the equation, have a few other things in the OB van, some more at the video side. Looks like chaos, but we have a strict plan, which seems to be working. As I’m writing this, we’ve done 7 broadcasts, went without a hiccup. So far so good.