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Avid S6 quick tip #1

I thought it might be useful to share some little tips to enhance your S6 experience, or simply just to get some ideas or minor workflow improvements. So here it is, the first little tip.

Often during a mix session the producer/director/composer/musician ask for some change and then they immediately stare at the screen or at the control surface searching for clues that they idea is happening right in front of them realtime. While this is nice and natural, I always try to gently force them to listen instead of looking for visual evidence.

For this very reason I always make a special, empty Layout on the S6. When they start to look for fader or encoder movement I simply recall my LISTEN!!! Layout. Sometimes they just ask what happened, but more often they appreciate it, and start to focus on the aural happenings.

layout knob

If you don’t have any Layout yet, then you don’t have to do anything, simply push the Layout knob on the master section. If you have some Layouts, then simply create a new one with nothing assigned to the faders and save it as LISTEN!!! (of course you can choose any other name). Whenever you need it, just recall it. It is not there to make fool of anyone, it is there to help you and the creative people around you to focus on the much more important thing, the mix itself. Enjoy!