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Need just a bit more DSP plugins

I confess I became a fan of DSP plugins, obviously in my case it means AAX DSP. Anyone who try to prove that there’s not enough of them is surely not surfing on the web, or try to deliberately avoid these plugins. Maybe it was a hard start, but now we have plenty of AAX DSP plugins, for many tasks we can even choose from different types and/or manufacturers.

And still, here and now I would like to ask more companies to consider coding their plugins to AAX DSP. I know there’s a plethora of different platforms to code to, but as even smaller companies started to do it, I see no reason why bigger or more popular ones don’t provide us users DSP versions of their plugins.

Maybe it’s not true, but in my opinion, the guys who’s invested into huge rigs are more willing to pay for the plugins than one man shops. As I see and experience it, one man shops only buy very few plugins, while bigger post houses, music studios buy more bundles with multiple licenses. Of course this is broad generalisation, but at least at this part of the industry, it’s true. So I think we might deserve a bit more attention.

And before you ask why I would like to have more DSP based plugins, well, this is why: my last mix almost ate a complete HDX2 hardware. I know native is powerful, but believe me, I tried, this mix would choke a pretty powerful computer, while it was going smooth with the DSP behind it.


Plugin Alliance is good example. They have amazing plugins, some ported to DSP, some still only available in Native formats. As far as I know they’re planning to port all of their plugins for all platforms, but it takes time. Still would like to have some of their stuff in DSP format badly…

The other example, which is not so great in this regard is Fabfilter. I love their plugins, my favourite eq is their ProQ2, but I also in love with their Deesser. They make not only fabulous sounding tools, but their codes must be fine, because I hardly get any errors while I heavily use their tools during big mixing projects. In my opinion, they should definitely code their plugins to AAX DSP as soon as possible. They are very, I mean very popular not only in the music side of the industry, but also in the post side. I think they’d have an even bigger success if they would port their plugins to the format what holds the biggest share in this industry.

I know my opinion won’t change their minds, but I hope that somehow our prayer reach them and they consider a more active DSP porting process, or in other cases, they consider starting to code for AAX DSP.