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Soundtoys 5

So, after the long wait, it is here, and frankly the upgrade price is so friendly that I blindly knew I’d upgrade my bundle. Not to mention the fact that this bundle contains some of my favourites like Echoboy, Decapitator, and the list could go on.


To rack or not to rack…

First of all let me thank the whole Soundtoys team for the decision. If I want, I can use the rack with many plugins in it creating amazing chains, or if I only need Echoboy without any other tools, it is still available as a stand-alone plugin. A much more user friendly option in my opinion than the Slate route with the Mixrack.

The upgrade went well, payed the price and the assets were there in my iLok account within 30 seconds or so. Synced them to my iLok, downloaded the installer to have a little fun with the new release. All went well up until this point. Right now I can’t use the stand-alone plugins, because for some unknown reason whenever I try to instantiate them the “You need to activate…” popup appears on screen. Obviously because I’ve already synced the asset to my iLok, it doesn’t find the necessary licenses in my iLok account.

However, the rack version works like charm. I happily lost a few hours playing with it like a child, trying some presets and creating some weird stuff from scratch. If I must point one negative thing about it, it is a very dangerous time killer! You just simply loose your perception of time and hours can pass while you enjoy creating your magic mixture.

Clicking around is fun, but how fun could it be with the S6? Well, sadly I don’t know that because the mapping is miserably broken, the same as Slate’s Mixrack. Unusable on a control surface. It’s really so embarrassing to see that plugin manufacturers don’t pay attention to this. I’ve already emailed them my two problems (the activation and the mapping) waiting for their answer.

I’ll keep you posted.


  1. paul

    Had a fight with licensing my soundtoys, too.
    Well, needed about 3 hours – then everything was fine.
    Don´t give up! Boot your computer up and down – deinstall/ reinstall…
    My problem was the iLok manager, which wasn´t running properly.

  2. Thanks for tip! Tomorrow I’ll try again starting with iLok manager.

  3. Marco

    Another thing you can try, is to check if the AAX versions of the stand alone plugins were really upgrade it to 5.01 version. Sometime the wrong permissions in the files don’t let the new file being written and delete the old one. Just go to your /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-ins/Soundtoys folder and see if you have the version in all the files (use the get info). And check if there’s any Soundtoys plugins outside that folder..
    But first, reinstall the lastest version of Ilok license manager, it could be that.

    My upgrade was made in less than 10 minutes. Payed the upgrade, surrender the license, download the installer, install it and voilá! everything is working.

    Hope you solve that quick.

  4. Thanks, right now I’m checking versions and licenses. I guess it’s something easy, probably some version issue on my end.

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