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To win

Probably the busiest time is the end and the start of the year. I just realised I have over 20 articles half-baked, but haven’t published a word for a month now. In the hurry, I always have something to write, jot down the idea and a few words, then rush to the next studio, open the next session in Pro Tools, upload the latest mix for approval.

Well, during this time I just received an email from the Pro Tools Expert team that I have won Nugen Audio’s Halo upmixer plugin. 🙂 What an unexpected thing! It’s not only luck, it is really a true gift as I’m in need of a great upmixer plugin. Thanks to Nugen and the whole Pro Tools Expert team!

On the other hand, it just made me realise that these guys are working pros, who are probably just as busy as I am, yet still make time to help our community with great content, so although I never really make any new years resolution, now I officially promise to finish my jot down notes, form them into useful articles and publish them here. Off to work now.