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Avid application manager

Usually I am the lucky one, who just wandering on the forums, reading the horror stories of some unlucky users, try to reproduce the bug, but most of time on our systems, everything is fine. The story could end here…

Avid Application Manager

But here comes the new idea, this app manager which supposed to help us. It should sync with your Avid account, notify you about available updates, checking if you’re up-to-date. You could even download and update your plugins and Pro Tools from within the app. That’s a truly wonderful idea.

But for me, it’s been nothing more than an annoying thing which loads at every startup, usually can’t sync with my account, and if the sync process fails, I can’t quit, sometimes even can’t force quit! If it’s a sunny, beautiful and lucky day, then sync is successful, but if I try to update anything in the list, then it’s an endless failure cycle. Failed downloads, or can’t install things, or interrupted connection, etc.

I was so mad I started to count how many failures I had in the last few weeks. Out of 100 attempts, only 4 were successful, all the other 96 was failure.

So, today, although it’s a beautiful sunny day here, I decided to solve the problem. So I headed to Pro Tools Expert article to learn how to completely get rid of the autostart of the App manager.

Honestly, if you have so many problems with it, I suggest you to do the same. Now back to work.