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Plugin purchase #2

The second choice is one of favourite. Not only because of the quality of the plugins, although that’s important, but the hero behind the products. I’m talking about Michael Carnes, the man behind some of the most successful Lexicon products, and lately, one of the most pristine sounding plugins on the market.

Exponential audio reverbs and effect bundle

Because of the quality of the plugins, the decision is, we need all of his plugins. The reverbs definitely feels like the highest quality hardware units. Only without the hassle of using an external unit. Just a quick overview.


The pure, natural sound. Most of the time it’s much better than an IR reverb. It creates real space around the source, without any artefacts. The GUI is not about eye-candy graphics, instead it offers clear and logical controls organised so you can find and operate the plugin quickly.

Phoenix surround

Formats goes from simple mono to 7.1, and with the link function you can use it in the immersive surround environments.

Another great thing is the presets are not only there to give you some starting point, they’re stellar sounding settings, usable without further tweaks.


Well, the R2 is the reverb that gives you that somewhat coloured larger than life sound. Sonically it’s more noticeable than the Phoenix but once you find the the right balance between the the direct and wet, it’s just unbelievable. When you try the presets, the same goes for the R2. Without any tweaking it is absolutely great with the basic presets.

The GUI is almost the same, you’ll find all the controls easily.

R2 surround

The additional functions like the chorus and gate can really change and colour the sound.

Another big thing for me is how easy to adjust these reverbs in the surround field. Level, delay, metering is all right at the perfect place when you need it.


What can I say? Is there anything delay based special effect that it can’t do? I don’t think so. This is a beast you have to treat with respect. This is a plugin you’ll spend long days figuring out what it can do. This is a delay you’ve dreamed of. This is a multi-effect that can be subtle, but able to transform your sound into very special things.


These are the reasons why we need it.

Stay tuned for the next part.