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Angelbird SSD2go

I’ve been looking for a good, small, reasonably priced and very fast external SSD for a long time. I know, life is not a Disney cartoon, I can’t get everything I wish for. But I was sure about that there’s at least a good compromise which fulfil most of my requirements. Then a few weeks ago I came across this brand which was honestly completely unknown for me, but thankfully Pro Tools Expert site mentioned it, and did some real-world test with it.

The size game

This is a real problem with SSDs. If they are big capacity wise, they are very, very expensive. With Angelbird SSD2go the capacity/price ratio seems reasonable.

And let’s talk about the physical size.. Well, it’s smaller than you’d think. When you just read it on a website, well, it’s not the same. It measures 89.0 x 69.9 x 10.4 mm so it is small. In reality it’s much smaller than your phone which makes it extremely easy to carry around from studio to studio and if you have more than one, it still won’t fill your bag. Actually about four of these little babies occupy the space normally one drive would.

At the end, let me praise its speed. Ok, it’s an SSD, so it’s amazingly fast, but what the main point here is the sustained read/write rate, which is really great. Have to copy huge folders? No problem, it won’t slow down in the middle of copying the data. I highly recommend this monster to anyone in need of portable rapid work SSD.

This is the actual size in my hand:

angelbird ssd