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RAM upgrade

For some reason when we bought the MacPros they arrived with 16GB of RAM. First I thought it would be impossible to work with that amount, but it turned out that these small but powerful machines can do wonders even with this seemingly small amount of RAM.

However, as sessions grows and newer plugins released, we just hit the wall when it comes to RAM. Well, that’s not entirely true, because quite amazingly everything is working fine, but I always keep my eyes on the System Resource Window and it is obvious that it’s high time to upgrade.


The main rigs all received 64GB of RAM so I think we won’t have any RAM related issues for awhile. And to be honest on bigger score mixes I always felt that Disk Cache would be so cool with let’s say 32GB.


By the way replacing RAM in these new Mac Pros are so easy you wouldn’t believe it. Really. The whole thing is a beautiful and clever piece of engineering and art.

Somewhere I read that Disk Cache should not be used during recording. I can imagine that it can be an issue, although I think in 2016 it shouldn’t be. Hence I plan to make some tests if this statement is still true or not.