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Google’s customer service

Some days ago I tweeted some short rant about Google, how they fail to solve a seemingly really simple issue. The thing is, I got a new debit card (happens in every few years) and for some reason their system is unable to use it. Well, first I thought it’s some minor glitch. Than I remembered that this happened to me the last time as well.

Went through all the troubleshooting docs and suggestions before reached out to them, because nothing solved my case. I thought let’s see now how they can solve it. Before that I checked all my things again, a day before that I purchased something from the Apple Store, bought some books on Amazon so the card is surely working fine.

The shock

I choose to contact them via email. Carefully filled all the necessary things, described in detail that on virtually every other place in the world this card is working fine, I have the necessary amount of money on my account. Before I sent the mail, double-checked all the tiny details. Every information was in there.

First answer very politely asked me if my card data was right, and if not, I should update it. Of course it was right at the first place, but thanks for reminding me and not reading any of what I wrote… Next email politely suggested that I should update my card data, or remove and re-add the card. Of course I couldn’t remove the card as it was tied to a current subscription so their system didn’t allow me to remove. Again, I wrote down the whole thing, that I went through the necessary troubleshooting steps, checked everything and it is still not working. After some radio silence I’ve received a mail from them telling me that in this case, I probably need some expert help. Wow Google, after two days someone actually read my mail, congrats!

So what happened next? It could be a nice story about a very decent customer support experience, but actually it is not. Because now they don’t even answer! What a support!

Now, after 3 days I received an email from the expert support, but apparently it seems we’re back to square one, I should attach the original error and describe what happened.

And I received the last email from them, stating that everything is perfect on their side, it must be something with my card. Ignoring all the previous information that my card is working everywhere.


Ongoing problems

To be honest, I only kept my Google Drive account because it was cheap. The lack of basic functions almost any other provider offer, the lack of development has been bothering me for some time now. I even accepted the fact that their developers never answer or care about the missing functions. This is my third issue with them that they can’t, or don’t want to solve. I use multiple cloud services, so I know what to expect from such services. It doesn’t matter how small or big, cheap or expensive a service is, this is not really the way we should be treated. I know that I’m not a big loss for Google, they won’t even notice I’m no longer a paying customer, but I like to put my money where my mouth is.