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Next steps…

Every year a few times I wrote a little note about what will happen on this site. But looking back I always thought it’s something merely interesting for me only. Now it turns out some of you are interested in these, so here’s the next episode of this “what will happen in the next few weeks/months on this site”.


As I continue to do some live sound shows (a bit more in the summer) the first big thing here will be a brand new look. Brand new, because it’s going to look gorgeous even on a mobile phone or tablet. As usual though, it won’t be filled with spectacular graphics and animations, I strongly prefer to keep it in the minimalist form as in my opinion in our profession content should prevail fancy outlook. Not that I’m against anything beautiful looking thing, but this is a personal site and I don’t have the talent and the time to do such high standard graphics.


Will continue the Plugin purchase series with some really great candidates that I think you should check out if you haven’t already. I’ll try to introduce them succinctly but meaningfully so you’ll get a clear picture what you can expect if you download those plugins for a test.


This has been a long term dream for me, I want to start an Avid S6 mini series which would give the current users great little tips, and a bit more insight to those whose interested or plan to try one or buy one. I already have many notes for this, only need a bit more time to make it reality.


Great tips are very useful, but I’d like to write more in-depth articles about mixing related things, like template building and refining, the process of score mixing which is a vast topic if you consider that there are many different types of score and method exist.


Share experiences. Many times I fall into the trap of writing and writing then forgetting and deleting things. Instead, I’ll try to share them in smaller posts. For example a month ago I did a short score mix for major television show which was very interesting, but as I tried to depict the whole process very elaborately somehow the meaning lost between the sentences, then weeks went by without cleaning out the unnecessary parts and then the whole thing became obsolete.

One thing at the end. I discovered that my email system deleted some mail that was detected as junk but turned out those emails sent to me by real people. Now I tried to fix this thing, hopefully from now on I really receive every email so I can answer them.