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Pro Tools 12.5.2 update

After gathering some information online, it seems that the general consensus is that this release happens to be one of the best lately. So I thought I give it a try to see if that’s true. By the way I always love to be on the latest stable version for many reasons.

One being that the latest versions have the most goodies. The second is that these versions contains improvements and bug fixes, well, at least hopefully.

But I have to be cautious because it’s all fine if I only screw up my own system, but I must be much more diligent when it comes to our studio systems. They must be working 24/7 so no premature update there. My method became that my own MacBook Pro is the first test. If everything is fine there, than I update one of our main rigs, where mainly I work the most. If that’s still a success, only then I update all the other rigs in the house.

Even if everyone on Earth would swear that we received a perfect update I’d keep this order just in case. I love to be on the latest-greatest release but also I want to work without major hiccups.

At the weekend I downloaded the installers from my Avid account and installed it onto my laptop. Deliberately first I don’t clean the prefs and databases, simply I just install it on top of the other. Worth mentioning that you can find the Codec and HD-driver installers inside the package. I also updated those.


Then played a few hours with it and to my surprise I didn’t have any crash. Tried with easy sessions and with more complicated ones, it was stable. The next test was to work from the internal SSD instead of an external one. It is still NOT recommended and honestly I really suggest to always use an external drive for your work. This was only to see how stable the new release is. Still, no hiccups, no strange issues.

Main rig 1

The first main rig is a Apple MacPro with a 6-core Xeon and 64GB of RAM, HDX2, Yosemite 10.10.5, one S6 control surface. I’ll cover the S6 update in another post.

The update went well, as expected. I thought as the laptop install didn’t have any issues, I just do the same thing. No clean install, no prefs and database clean, nothing. Since I installed it (that was at the morning) I deliberately try to break the system, but it’s just works! Feels snappy and stable.

This week I do even more tests as I continue to mix on this rig so only if the whole period goes well I will upgrade the other rigs.

Stay tuned for the Avid S6 upgrade post, as that update bring some new goodies to the S6.