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Button caps vs. Stickers on the S6 surface

Almost every S6 owner knows that when Avid launched this control surface, some of the buttons had different mapping, hence early adopters now has wrong labels on some of the buttons.

old text

The picture shows you the old state. This also means that the labels are wrong there. These are originally programmable buttons and almost right after the launch the engineers at Avid decided that they change the mapping to a more convenient one. Unfortunately when they did this, many S6 had been already sold.

new text

Now we have two options. One is obviously to learn the new mapping and ignore the current labels. That is what I did and I have no problem with that, but I can absolutely understand if someone find this misleading.


Avid offer a set of stickers for free for every S6 owner, so you can re-label the buttons with those. Why not changing the caps? Because by design our beloved control surface has different button structure which technically we call tree structure. So you can’t simply remove the the cap and change it. In order to remove the old and put in the new buttons, you should remove the whole module, break the upper surface (I guess it’s glued to something), remove the button tree from inside, install the new ones and assemble the module.

While it may sound easy, it is quite complicated, might render the module useless, although I’m not sure about that because I don’t know how they manufacture it.

I still don’t know if I will use the stickers, but I ordered them and if my colleagues want to see the proper labels then I might use them.

Every S6 owner can order the stickers free from here.