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Avid subscription

At the end of this month was a marked day in my calendar as this is the day when my Avid Pro Tools HD subscription will expire.

If you’re a frequent visitor at forums you might get the impression that no one will renew it. Obviously this is huge exaggeration. There’s many users, including me, who is not satisfied with Avid, but we still use and actually love Pro Tools. Yes, with its shortcomings.


To be honest due to the nature of my job I encounter many different DAWs almost daily and even tried some myself. Because I wanted to know how good they are. In my experience the grass is not greener at the other side, to be honest, it’s not greener anywhere else.

The tools, the implementation, the workflow enhancements, the stability (yes, you read it right), the backward compatibility, etc. I could go on forever. Believe me, I’ve done my research quite well, but Pro Tools is far the best DAW on the market for my job.

avid customer care

The outcome

Plain and simple today I renewed my yearly subscription. Because I wanted to, because I depend on this tool daily and I love to use it.

With all that said, I’d like to see more bug fixes, more features and first of all, more open and honest communication.