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Avid S6 mod

To be hones I’m really surprised that Avid didn’t make things like this. As the S6 is modular, from hindsight, it’s a no-brainer to be able to tilt the upper modules for clearer visibility and somewhat more comfortable reach. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is bad at the start. The basic layout without further tilting is fine, I’ve been working with that for more than a year now and I love it more and more.

But, after testing and using the S6L, the live version, I liked the module tilting. It is a tiny bit more comfortable, at least that’s what I felt. It’s really spooky because as I’d been thinking of a custom furniture option, I came across a very good suggestion on the DUC. A German company manufactures proper accessory for tilting the upper modules on the S6. Here’s a nice video about it:

I don’t know the price yet, but we’re going to get it for sure. As they don’t have an English site, I have an email where anyone can get the info they need. If you need, just message me.