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S6 software 2.2 new things #1

A few weeks ago I promised I’ll tell and show what has changed in the new version of the controller software. Lots of things happened since, but here’s the first part of the mini series to let you know what have been improved in this new version.


We all know that different colour coding is good for us because our brain learn the coding system and uses it to quickly, almost unconsciously guide us to reach for the good knob or button.

Although it’s not a ground breaking new feature, but on the Master module of the S6, the headers of the different pages as well as many button backgrounds received more vivid colouring.

mmodul single

It was used to be more moderate, only to give you an idea, now it’s proudly shinny, very contrasty so even without paying full attention to that area you can quickly realise if something is on or off, or which page you’re at.

mmodule 4 screen

This might seem unimportant, but as the whole S6 concept is built around the cleverly thought out colour coding, it is a nice step in the right direction. We already familiar if we touch EQ or DYN or Sends because of the different colours, now it was time to match this part of the surface with the knob and process module part. Stay tuned for the next bit!