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S6 software 2.2 new things #2

The next thing that I think many active users love or going to love is some new Soft keys. Some of it could be done already but only if you took the time to look them up and then program them to a custom page. Now, some very important ones are already there to use them.


More and more manufacturers adopt the S6 as a monitor controller option. This means that now not only Xmon users enjoy the benefit of the monitor section, but many more, like DAD, Trinnov system (based on Xmon), Cranesong working on it, Colinbroad.

Now we have a custom page just for the monitoring options.

soft key monitoring

We could only do this from the dedicated monitoring section of the S6, which is fine but I’ve found it a bit more distracting and more importantly it was slower. Now, on the Soft keys, we can easily choose the sources (can’t rename them yet) and the speakers (custom names can be added).

soft key monitoring 2

During a score mix it’s a great help when I focus on different speakers for checking certain things. It’s right in front of me so no distraction during the mix process.

New features

Some new features added to the Soft key set like freeze, commit and bounce for example. In my opinion it’s really important that the developers constantly improve the workflow with the S6 and Pro Tools, not just adding random new things to the feature list.

Some other factory app set changes include the new Wheel behaviour. These are the new mapped functions:

s6 wheel mapping

Now this is a very convenient and simplified version, prior to this update we had to use the shift key on the surface to access some of these functions. Now we only have to use the purple shift key next to the wheel.

Other very nice add-on is if you build your custom sets, Eucon command now auto-named, which is great as it really speeds up the process.

If you made a really good custom Soft key set, then it’s a good idea to save it. You can find it here: C:\ProgramData\Avid\App sets

This way you can save and reload your own Soft key set anytime you need it. Stay tuned for more!