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Slate VMR lack of mapping

Early on I liked the sound of Slate plugins, although we had many issues with them, it really seemed that they care and will make things right. After a certain amount of time it wasn’t really encouraging that their support always answered every question or request with one not really informative sentence.

For example I reported to them the fact that their VMR is practically unusable because the mapping is not telling you anything about the inserted processor. So instead of displaying Neve Low-Gain, it only shows A01. And it still A01 if you change the process order.

When I reported this to them, the answer was simple: “yes, it’s a known issue, please read knownissues.pdf”

And the rest is silence…

I commented on forums how bad this mapping is, but it seems they really ignore this issue. Even got messages telling me that according to some insider info, they are working on this.

Well, few days ago Slate released a new update and guess what, they didn’t do anything with the Eucon mapping. This is their idea of mapping in 2016:

slate eucon mapping

I think it’s sad. I know there won’t be a billions of control surfaces, but these issues certainly alter the decision process about what to buy and what to leave alone.