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S6 software 2.2 new things #3

From the inception of the S6 I thought this was going to be the smartest surface on the planet, and frankly, it nearly already is. Here’s another addition which makes it even more valuable.

Virtual strips

As early adopters, for more than a year we had the simple layouts. Those are simply custom layers, a kind of build your own custom fader bank and save it type feature. From the start, it was huge. Having multiple layouts, able to easily create and recall them is a huge time saver during a mix.

The only limitation was we could only build layouts the size of our real surface. For example we have 24 faders, so I could build layouts that has 24 slots, that’s it. I think this was a feature request by many of us to have so called virtual layouts that go beyond the real hardware.

With version 2.2 we have the ability to build bigger layouts. To have them, first we need to change a setting on the S6. Go to the track view, then tap the local option (gear) icon. There you can see the option slider Number of strips in Layout. Here you can define your desired number.

virtual layout settings

My method. We have 24-fader units, so I choose to have 48 strips in one layout. Why? Because this way the layout is still small enough to see through while big enough to handle many things at once, and as an added bonus, with one button I can navigate from 1-24 to 25-48 and back. It’s simple and efficient.

Quick tip

As a goodie now we can also bank from the surface with the User buttons, no need to reach for the buttons on the Master module. This way it’s even quicker to fly through my 48 strip layouts.

This new User button banking also works in normal mode, without any layout defined. As you can find these on every fader module, it really doesn’t matter where you sit.

Modifying layouts

Also some very nice improvements here. The first and probably most valuable for me is that they hidden the Clear All command. It was there all the time and honestly I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally deleted my whole layout. It’s available if you need it, you have to use the Master Module’s shift and it appears on the screen.

layout editing 1

Some other truly great add-ons are the Insert, Delete and Clear Strip commands. Now we can modify our precious layouts with much more freedom than before. On complicated live broadcast mixes and score mixes I deliberately planned the layouts ahead because modifying them was somewhat inconvenient. It was possible, but not as easy as now. Forgot something? Insert it and the rest will adjust automatically. The same goes if you have more than you need. Just one command and the extra channel disappears from your layout, the rest, of course, readjusts. Stay tuned for even more!