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Upgraded to Nimbus

As you probably know I’m quite a big fan of Exponential Audio’s reverbs. Beside the fact that they are amongst the very best sounding reverbs, it always amazes me when a small shop deliver something that truly change the scene, and does this only with their product. Without overly loud obnoxious marketing. Without unnecessary and unkept promises. Exponential Audio is in fact does the opposite. They not only keep their promises, but gives us more than their promised.

Before the release

First of all, anyone who’s ever owned any of their product is eligible for the discounted upgrade, although the introduction price is very fair in my opinion.

Since they announced Nimbus was coming, I was excited. Honestly I thought I didn’t need another reverb, but at the same time I knew Michael wouldn’t announce something that is only a minor facelift. Then, as more and more information came to light, I started to plan, what if it’s really that good I’ll want to upgrade at the minute is coming out? Then heard the examples on their page and felt that this is probably going to be my next purchase. But, I’m really a picky old cynic when it comes to choosing my reverbs.


So while I was really liked all the things I’ve read and heard, it was obvious that I need the demo to test it in my lab. Literally minutes after the official launch I immediately grabbed the demo. Loaded my trusty test session to hear what Nimbus could do.

For me two basic things are very important about reverbs. One is of course it must sound fabulous, and it must be very easy to achieve the best result easily. It’s not about laziness. It’s about maintaining the focus. If you have to tweak things endlessly, all your energy will be wasted on technical details instead of the creative side. So, achieving great results rapidly is a must.

Welcome to the preset library. Tons of spectacular presets are there to get you started. The navigation makes it even easier to find the right one. Up and down arrow let’s you change the category (plate, hall, etc.) while left and right arrow goes through the presets.

Without further ado, after about an hour of testing, I immediately bought the upgrade.


What it can do for us

Well, honestly I think the time has come to unplug your hardware reverbs. I mean it! The immediate feeling when I instantiated the plugin was that it is all that many felt missing from the plugin reverbs. It is such an amazing thing that it can be dirty, old-school, more modern or even unbelievably clean. After a day it has a permanent place in my template sessions.