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New rig

There are times when the family have to grow. We knew that for some time now, as many times we got stuck with the current mix and edit stations. So, from today, another Pro Tools HD Native rig is serving as an edit and premix station with an Avid Omni interface.


We choose the HD Native Thunderbolt because with this we can simply grab the box and go out with a laptop and a Madi i/o, just as we did with the Domingo recording. For a more compact and possibly relocatable station we used the Sonnet xMacPro Server with the additional MacPro migration edition. With that we can easily have more hard disk if needed.

The MacPro inside is the same 6-core with 64GB of Ram as the others in our studios. All Macs has the very same OS version as well as the same Pro Tools and plugins installed hence all systems are interchangeable and could serve as a backup or replacement.

The Sonnet case is very quiet and obviously the rack mountable feature is a huge plus. I still think that not everyone needs a mountable option like this, but it’s good know that the Sonnet one for example has plenty of options.

The new kid performs very well, already recorded 6 concerts and edited at least 8 without any issue. Also probably it will become one of our early release test rig.