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Softube and Gobbler

I read it on forums that Softube has recently changed the way users can access their products. First I haven’t payed attention, but after a few days it was suspicious that many seemed to thought that it’s a bad move.

Today I checked if I need to update some plugins, and realised the Softube ones need update.

Meet their new system

There’s no way to access your downloads if you don’t have a Gobbler account. Period. I for one really don’t like this as I had terrible experiences with Gobbler before. So take into account that I’m biased. But anyway, generally I don’t think it’s a good thing to force us into something like this.

Once you have your Gobbler account, and that is linked to your iLok account, you have access to your Softube plugins. The app scan your plugins and tell you if you need to update your plugins, or even if you have something that is not on your machine yet.


On my laptop I have 4 Softube plugins. When I tried to update them from a broadband connection it was painfully slow, but at the end it was successful.

It’s absolutely not obvious though that you still have access to your offline installers. But the one caveat is that you still need the Gobbler account. To access your installers, go to Softube’s website and log into your account. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can find the link to “My downloads”. And voila, it’s all there.

The year of new models

Now it’s obvious that most companies want to offer subscription based services. This is good or bad depending on your own point of view. I can see the benefits of subscriptions, yet I’m still not convinced that this is the best way to do it. One thing for sure I hate when I’m being forced into something. I sadly tweeted yesterday that I think it’s a bad decision, obviously Softube’s answer is: “Gobbler is much easier than the old system…” Well, I don’t think that registering with a third party, then downloading and using an additional third party software is easier. My main problem with this is we already use a plethora of little add-on apps from cloud services to backup apps, you name it. I’m not convinced we need more.