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Templates and presets

First a confession. I’m a maniac, I have zillions of templates and presets, literally for every possible scenario. And if it was not enough I always revisit old things to re-check, develop and make brand new ones. On the other hand this whole template and preset addiction can kill creativity if not used wisely.

Industrial tempo

I use this term when I have more thing to record or mix than what would be manageable or healthy. Of course it doesn’t really matter what I think about it because the job has to be done. This is the point when I start to heavily rely on my collection. But there’s definitely more to this than simple laziness. Actually it’s absolutely not about any kind of work shyness. It’s about these benefits:

  • get the job done in time
  • get the job done without errors
  • properly manage your time
  • spend your time on the important things
  • achieve stellar sonics rapidly

I guess some of my points may raise some eyebrows so here’s the explanation. The first is obvious. The second point become obvious when you need more coffee than water. Show up in the studio sleep deprived, your brain is still in bed and you start to appreciate that everything snaps into place, the routing, the plugins, the effects, etc.


The third is also important both when you’re tired and if you have no ample time for set up and check things through. A great template and some presets can save you tons of time making your otherwise impossible schedule turn into a manageable one.

The fourth. If you save time as you rely on your previously created and tested templates, you have more time to fiddle with the really important things, sonics. It’s really that easy.


The last one. Sound engineers tend to be very detail oriented persons which is great but polished sound requires time. Presets alone won’t make a record sound like a finished mix but certainly can help you achieve stellar sonics much more rapidly. Probably this is why I always strive to refine my presets. This way they can really help me when I need them.

With all that said, I still encourage everyone to sometimes loose all the safety net and be brave, experiment, invent new methods and workflows. The real great discoveries comes when you don’t heavily rely on tried and true methods. However, if you don’t have time, it’s good to know we have the trusty templates and presets to help us out.