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Customer support with Gobbler

I really don’t like to write any negative things about any company. Generally I think it’s not constructive, and probably won’t solve anything. But as I write positive review about plugins and gear and companies, I think I have to share my rare negative experiences too.

Few weeks before…

Many of you already read and actually agreed with my latest ramblings about Softube taking the Gobbler path. It might be a good idea to join to such a service for a company, but I still think that it’s a bad idea to force users into one direction without offering the old way of doing things, at least for some time. The other problem is future consideration. Although I don’t know the deal between Gobbler and Softube, I’m pretty sure that it is a good one for the Softube guys. But maybe not so good for the users. And in my opinion they should’ve considered this too. For some reason they thought this is a fine way to make a change like this.

The present

Now, out of necessity I registered a Gobbler account to have access to our Softube arsenal. It’s not a complicated task, can be done in a minute or two. The last step is to get an email from Gobbler to validate your new account. This last step was unsuccessful. No problem I thought and tried the resend button, and then retried again and again, and again. No worries. I’ve sent an email to Gobbler’s customer support and they reacted in a few hours. Their question was which site I’ve registered on. The shop.gobbler or the app.gobbler. I replied…

And the rest is silence. This was a week ago. Still nothing happened. Frankly I don’t know if they simply don’t care or cannot solve this issue. What I care about is honest communication and the willingness to solve the issue. Both seems to lack.

I can only hope that we won’t have any issues with our licenses because if an email error is more than they can solve, then we might loose our trust completely. One thing is for sure, I won’t purchase anything through the Gobbler service. So all in all I still think, even more so, that Softube made a mistake to use Gobbler as their only back platform.

If Gobbler will get back to me, I’ll report it.