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S6 software update

Avid promised that the new 3.5 software was going to be mainly a performance update. This means load times will be reduced, certain functions reacts faster, and the whole surface feels snappier. As I happen to update one of our surfaces to test the new software I thought I check these claims if they are true.

One change has been made to the upgrade path, from now on, if you have a valid perpetual plan, you no longer have to re-authorise all the updates again and again. Once you go through the validation process you won’t have to do it again, which considerably speeds up the update process.

But back to the improvements. Empirically I really felt the speed change and the fact that the new software is indeed react faster, almost all functions, including the bulk commands like do to all and do to selected no matter what you choose to do. As usual though, humans are biased so I couldn’t decide if the new version is really that much better or I just imagine it.

Fortunately I made a session load video with my phone when we had been using the old software and now had the chance to make a new video with the new software version. Here’s the comparison:

Avid S6 session load times from Tamas Dragon on Vimeo.

As you can see, the new one is vastly superior when it comes to session load times. In my experience it is a better version all around, very stable, immensely fast in every situation. So I highly recommend it to every S6 owner/user.