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Consider it done…

Something really funny happened. I mean it was frustrating but turned out to be funny. At least I consider it to be that. You might remember my venting about the lack of proper customer service at Gobbler. Basically they couldn’t solve a very basic issue that happened on their side and instead of trying to do something they decided to abandon the case.

Now, after more than a month I’ve received an email from them apologising for the delay and asking if I’m still having that particular problem. Wait a minute… Gobbler’s customer support did nothing to solve the issue. So what do they think? A wizard came by and solved their issue? Honestly I couldn’t believe they seriously sent me that mail.

I thought ok, last chance, I answered their mail and told them that the issue is still present, but honestly I somewhat gave up the hope that they will or able to solve it. Frankly I completely lost faith in Gobbler and not willing to purchase anything through them. Guess what is the answer. They closed my case as if they could solve it and sent me a survey mail so I can rate their customer service’s quality. I mean really???

Probably this is a standard procedure but if only once only one member of their team really cared about this, we could all already forgot the whole thing. But I dare to say after more than a month (almost 2) that they couldn’t care less. And after all that they ask me if I was happy with their service? I think that’s a joke. Beside that it’s really not a real, working customer support.

On a closing note I sincerely hope that any company who offer some of their product through Gobbler will remain partly independent and continue to offer their products without a Gobbler registration. Now it’s clear to me that it was a huge mistake from the Softube guys to offer Gobbler only service.