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The best Mac file manager

Call me biased, but I definitely think that Forklift by Binarynights is the very best file manager on the Mac. Now they’ve released the third iteration of it that offers a slight face lift, but more importantly some really cool goodies.

Features including remote connections, tabbed browsing, syncing, multi-rename tool, quick open, mini forklift to name a few. If you are familiar with the famous Total commander on PC, you’ll love Forklift and actually there’s an option so every already known Total commander shortcut can be used in Forklift too, so no big change here.

Personally one of my favourite features is the syncing ability. Especially useful when you need to backup or copy huge amount of data from many days of recording. It is able to compare, selectively update the contents of the target folder.

Now they are having a welcome sale so grab it till you can for less, though I think it worth every penny, even the family license is a fantastic deal.