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I rarely post any cinema experience here, but now I have to. I saw Dunkirk the other day and was thoroughly impressed with it. For many different reasons but obviously my main focus is almost always the sound.

First, let me confess, although I’m an overly sound obsessed person, I still think that certain moments in the movie are hurtingly loud. But this is the only negative thing I can say. The whole mix is exceptional and in my opinion the score is just fantastic.

Here’s a short video that explains a sound illusion called the Shepard tone.

While this of course enhances the experience and really makes everything more intense, let’s be honest, it’s a film. So this works as a whole. Film making is an art that comprise of many many different creative minds coming together to create something huge. The Shepard tone alone wouldn’t make much difference. However, used properly it’s just the right thing to use.

I also suggest to read this article in Business Insider: Christopher Nolan explains the biggest challenges in making his latest movie ‘Dunkirk’ into an ‘intimate epic’

I really recommend everyone to go and watch this. I can’t guarantee that you’ll like it, but still, it’s a masterpiece.